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October 8, 2021 Update


October 8, 2021 Update Hello Music Lovers. I know it’s been some time, but there’s something on my mind. That is a lyric from Where Do Broken Hearts Go by Whitney Houston.  It helps me get started on this long overdue update on Rhonda Apple and Dale Britt.  First, we are incredibly grateful to all our listeners and fans who supported us for over twenty years. Second, we are alive and kicking, despite the pandemic and the new normal. Third, we are no longer playing music regularly together, or seeking gigs, and we are okay with that.  Dale considers himself retired from playing piano, but would gladly jump at the invitation to do any jazz trio gig. Dale has posted NUMEROUS videos on his YouTube channel, Dale Britt Music and Jazz.  Visit his YouTube channel if you need a fix:  I had the summer off work but had fulltime care of my niece and nephew for five months. Now they are back with … [read article]

12/17/19 Update


12/17/19 Update Hello Music Lovers! I hope you are enjoying the holiday season. By that I hope you are NOT stressing over details that are inconsequential, and rather are striving to be PRESENT, as Joe Holt says. Let’s be in the moment, expressing grace to all we meet and pass and work with and live with. I write to you on a cold and wet December night when I should be getting to bed. Yet here I am suddenly inspired to compose a long overdue newsletter. Poor timing, but at least it will get started, even if I finish it later. As I type I’m listening to a Facebook live video of one of my favorite piano players in the Mid-Atlantic region: Dean Schneider. If you love jazz piano you should look him up on Facebook, or at the Merion Inn in Cape May, NJ. He plays in Atlantic City, Philly and all around that area. Don’t you just love the access we have to great music via the Internet these days? Well, on to the whole reason I write these things: the upcoming gigs at … [read article]

April 17, 2019 Update


April 17, 2019 Update Hello Music Lovers, With springtime, Easter and chocolate-covered peanut butter eggs come gig bookings and the need for another update on Apple & Britt. Seriously, we received the majority of our summer bookings (thus far) in just the past few days. Moreover, I just picked up my order of the Easter-inspired, chocolate-covered peanut butter eggs after work today. It’s supposed to be a fundraiser for the women’s group at my church, but I don’t take orders. I just buy a bunch and enjoy giving them away to co-workers, friends and family. Dale and I spent the whole winter not knowing what our summer schedule would look like, wondering if our days of gigging were over, but trusting in Providence. You must understand, I keep busy year-round with my day job in property management for affordable housing communities. And I have truly enjoyed having my weekends off all winter, not that I have had uneventful or boring weekends. Isn’t it funny how free time … [read article]

June 7, 2018 Update


June 7, 2018 Hello Music Lovers. Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner, and Apple & Britt are ready to sing all about it this weekend. Yes! This Saturday, June 9 th , there was a cancellation at The Globe Restaurant and Bar in Berlin, MD, and Apple & Britt were asked to fill the spot! 7 to 10pm we will serenade you as you dine on delicious food and drink at this local’s favorite. Supporting us means supporting the local restauranteurs who host us, so please be sure to make your reservations with those thoughts in mind.  Phone: 410-641-0784 12 Broad Street ,  Berlin, Maryland 21811 Apple & Britt will be at The Globe again on Saturday, August 18 th . Same time frame: 7 to 10pm. Mark your social calendar and start inviting your friends now.   In between those two gigs we are supposed to start playing every other weekend (Fridays and Saturdays) at the … [read article]

May 7, 2018 Update


Stay tuned for exact dates because Apple & Britt have been asked to play this summer at a club in Rehoboth Beach, DE, called The Vineyard Wine Bar and Bistro on Wilmington Ave. We anticipate starting in June, doing every other weekend, Fridays and Saturdays. is their website. They have a nice Facebook page, as well.  A big thank you to all who have reached out to us for our schedule. Keep your eyes on this website and our Apple & Britt Facebook page for the latest news you can use. Toodles, Rhonda … [read article]

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